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Message by Sister Superior - Sr. Gracy Thomas

Welcome to St. Martha’s Hospital Website.
For over 130 years, St. Martha’s Hospital has been fulfilling its mission of providing compassionate care by conducting services in a Christian value based atmosphere in the Catholic tradition of the Healing Ministry. The word ‘Hospital’ itself comes down to us from the earliest Christian centuries as the virtue of Hospitality taught by Christ our Good Shepherd who led to the foundation of hospices that sheltered travelers, gave help to the poor, the sick, orphaned children and the aged.
The Congregation of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd was founded in 1829 after the French revolution by Sr. M Euphrasia who sent a group of 5 sisters to arrive in Bengaluru on 15th August 1854, along-with the permission to start a Hospital if needed. Initially the Sisters transformed the prison on Museum road into a haven of peace and prosperity by developing school for girls, home for orphans, shelter for teenagers & distressed young women.
From 1870 to 1880, the then Mysore Kingdom witnessed a series of calamities beginning with drought, followed by famine and the deadly plague taking away the lives of about a million people. The Sister Superior of that time Sr. V Leusch was prayerfully inspired with the idea of founding a Hospital. Though discouraged from every quarter, with the help of Fr. Bonnetraine who understood her purpose, she faced every hurdle towards the vision of a Hospital. On July 28, 1884, the eve of St. Martha, the Maharaja of Mysore – Chamaraja Wodeyar-X donated 20 Acres of land to the Congregation, which was used to found the Hospital in 1886 and naming it St. Martha’s Hospital.

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd sacrificed significantly of what they had in their home-land and funded the establishment of the Hospital – a good portion of the expenses was met from the Leusch family, the French foreign mission Fathers, and the people of Bengaluru. After Sr. V Leusch, it was Sr. M Hyacinth who gave a glowing fillip to its spirit by tenaciously holding on to the dream of the founders and guiding the Hospital through its early tempestuous years.
It became a “Peoples’ Hospital” and continue to remain to be so.
We aim to bring wholesome healing in individuals and families through compassionate, competent care and counselling, respecting the divinity in each person through physical, emotional, and mental healing towards peace and well-being.
Over the years, St. Martha’s Hospital has grown to a 462 bed Hospital located in the heart of Bengaluru city caring the patients through integrated medical care by having multiple specialties with primary focus on compassionate care esp. of the underprivileged and the economically needy patients.
On behalf of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, Doctors, Staff and Volunteers I wish to extend a warm welcome. We hope you find within this website, evidence of our true "Compassionate Care" as we assist the needs of the sick.
Kindly email or call us to tell us how we can help you.
May God bless you!
Sr. Gracy Thomas

Sister Superior
Sisters of the Good Shepherd