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Lactation Clinic

Infant and Young Child Feeding Counselling and Support Centre (IYCF)

The Clinic helps mothers initiate breastfeeding successfully and maintain exclusive breastfeeding for six months and continued breastfeeding for two years or beyond, along with adequate and appropriate home based complementary foods after six months.

One of the important information not shared with the mothers and other family members is that mother’s milk supply is dependent only on infant sucking and self confidence of the mother. That is why it is perceived that mothers do not need support, and breastfeeding will happen naturally. In order to succeed, mothers need accurate information on breastfeeding during pregnancy, assistance at the time of birth and later to adopt optimal feeding practices, help and support of family and of a caring, knowledgeable and skilled health worker, who can answer their questions and solve their difficulties.

Breastfeeding support centres run by a trained woman counsellor are meant for promotion, protection and support of breastfeeding, to prevent problems during breastfeeding and to solve them if they do arise. Services in our centre include counselling, demonstration and practical help to the mothers on important issues and techniques of successful breastfeeding during ANC and PNC period.

It has been reported after many scientific studies that due to a number of problems encountered, breastfeeding is stopped partially or fully and replaced by artificial milk depriving full benefits of breastfeeding to babies who then suffer from a number of problems like diarrhoea and pneumonia associated with artificial feeding. In addition stopping breastfeeding causes numerous health problems to the mother as well. These problems arise due to lack of skilled health care support, lack of support of family, lack of accurate information of feeding practices and aggressive marketing of commercial baby foods. These problems are preventable and can be managed by a skilled counsellor at the Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) Counselling Centre.

Services Provided:

• Counselling on infant and young child feeding to mothers to promote optimal feeding practices on one to one basis during antenatal and postnatal period.
• To help mothers achieve comfortable position for herself and effective sucking position of the baby at the breast.
• Benefits of exclusive breastfeeding
• Optimal feeding practices and skills:
   o Positioning
   o Attachment
   o Expression of breast milk
   o Preparation of complementary foods
• To provide practical help to breastfeeding mothers who have problems like sore nipples, engorgement or "not enough milk" and solve these through counselling, confidence building and demonstration.
• To teach mothers to learn techniques of expressing breast milk.
• To help mothers and family members know how to prepare complementary foods from locally available ingredients.
• To help working women to continue breastfeeding when they join work
• To provide a forum for community awareness to fathers, community leaders, PRls and other family and community members.
• Educate family members how to prepare artificial milk hygienically in case the mother is not available.
• Provides psychological support to mothers who are unable to breastfeed due to social problems.
• Relactation in cases of lactation failure.
• Nutritional Advice for the Mother & Child


Dr. Nagalatha S

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