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Department of ENT

The Department of ENT aims to provide comprehensive solutions to patients with ear, nose and throat problems. The department has highly qualified and experienced specialists. Most of the surgeries are done on a Daycare basis and are offered as minimally invasive surgeries.
Well trained audiologists and speech therapists handle diagnostic audiology and provide speech therapy to Paediatric and adult patients.

OPD procedures:-
• Otomicroscopy and minor procedures of the ear.
• Video nasal endoscopy using 0 and 30 degree nasal endoscopes and camera.
• Nasal packing, wound dressing and foreign body removal
• Chemical cautery for lesions of the ear and nose
• Biopsy of lesions of nose, oral cavity and oropharynx
• Video laryngoscopy using the 90 degree laryngoscope

Surgical procedures performed:-
• Micro surgery of the ear including tympanoplasty, mastoidectomy and stapedectomy.
• Nasal and sinus surgery including septoplasty, rhinoplasy, functional endoscopic sinue surgery, endoscopic DCR, and repair of CSF fistulae.
• Head and neck procedures including thyroidectomy and surgery of the salivary glands
• Tracheostomy
• Microlaryngeal surgery
• Upper aero-digestive tract endoscopy
• Fibreoptic flexible bronchoscopy including bronchoscopy assisted endotracheal intubation for general Anaesthesia
• Tracheoplasty

Audiological services:-
• With the use of the newly acquired emission analyzer hearing screening of all newborns is being done for both in-patients and out-patients.
• As MOU with M/S Hearing Wellness Clinic has increased the availability of audiological services by 03 hours daily. In addition, patients are being prescribed hearing
  aids and their trial and fitting is being done in-house without outside referrals.
• Flexible fibre-optic bronchoscopy is being done by the department faculty in the endoscopy suite, the MICU and the operation theatre.
• Oto Acoustic Emission (OAE) analyzer is being used for hearing screening of all new born babies.


Dr. Emmanuel James
HOD & Lead Consultant
OPD Consultation Days – Mon to Sat
OPD Timings – 9:00am to 2:00pm

Dr. Mercy Sabu
Senior Consultant
OPD Consultation Days – Mon to Sat
OPD Timings – 9:00am to 2:00pm

Dr. Sandeep S Kakde
Senior Consultant
OPD Consultation Days – Mon to Sat
OPD Timings – 9:00am to 2:00pm

OPD Days & OPD Timings: Monday to Saturday, 9:00am to 2:00pm
Contact No: (080) 40128272