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Diplomate National Board (DNB)

DNB Program
St. Martha’s Hospital (SMH) is accredited by the National Board of Examinations (NBE), New Delhi to conduct the Diplomate of National Board (DNB) training programmes in seven broad specialties. SMH started the DNB training in General Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Orthopaedics in 1984, followed by Paediatrics in 1986, Family Medicine in 2001, and Anaesthesiology in 2006.

The primary objective of NBE is to improve the quality of medical education by establishing standards and elevating the level of post graduate examinations in modern medicine across India. The NBE adheres to strict guidelines, conducts periodic inspections and closely monitors a variety of aspects concerning the DNB programme.

Our institution has highly qualified and dedicated faculty, who are actively involved in academic sessions and constant training programmes in the form of bedside clinics, symposia and lectures. They also continuously monitor the thesis work of their students in order to maintain a high level of research orientation among them.

There are periodic meetings and lectures on subjects of interest for doctors and medical staff delivered by highly qualified and experienced visiting faculty. Departmental clinical meetings are also arranged for DNB trainees for discussion of interesting cases. Invited faculty visiting the hospital also share their knowledge and experience with doctors of our institution.

SMH is also a designated centre for the conduct of NBE’s Formative Assessment Tests and Practical Examinations in various DNB specialties and DNB exit exams.

The programme is monitored by Dr. Davy J Olakkengil (Medical Superintendent), Dr. Emmanuel James (DNB Course Director), Dr. Shilpashree S (DNB Coordinator) and Mrs. Vanitha Chavan (DNB secretary). The programme is also assisted by Dr. Kavitha Peter Gonsalves (DNB Coordinator - Research) who monitors and assesses all research work associated with the DNB programme.

Currently, 65 students are pursuing the various courses in the seven broad specialties. Over the years SMH has trained more than 400 Post MBBS and Post Diploma candidates in various specialties and 90% of the students have successfully completed their course and received the DNB degree.

One of our DNB residents was awarded the gold medal for her excellent results in Paediatrics in 2011.

Departments conducting DNB courses and their sanctioned seats per year are as follows:


Sanctioned Seats every year

General Medicine

05 primary

General Surgery

05 primary

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

02 primary & 02 secondary


03 primary & 02 secondary


01 primary & 01 secondary

Family Medicine

04 primary & 04 secondary


03 primary & 03 secondary

The DNB programme involves all faculty members, students and supporting staff who form a well-knit team and provide comprehensive medicare to our patients and high quality training for the students. This programme incorporates the core values of this institution as envisioned by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd.