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Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

St. Martha’s Hospital is equipped with a 12 hour dietary for patients. Dieticians are available all day long and they are responsible for customizing diets as per specific requirements of the patients. Continuous interaction between Dieticians, Clinicians and patients make it an ideal platform to provide and fulfil the requirements of patients.
The Nutrition department is committed to provide the best possible patient care service, including
• Nutritional Assessments
• Customized diets
• Counselling services
• Enteral and Parenteral feeding recommendations
The team of dedicated and committed Dieticians ensure individual personalised attention to the in-patients. Our Dieticians help patients in understanding the need for therapeutic diets which are prescribed based on their clinical condition and are modified in accordance with the progress of the patients.

The Department of Clinical Nutrition offers comprehensive service in the following areas:
In – Patient Services
• Assessing Nutritional status of patients
• Developing and implementing Nutrition Care Plans
• Calculating and determining the dietary requirements of the patients
• Providing Diet Counselling
• Planning specific dietary requirements of patients post discharge
• Establishing Clinical Dietary standards according to ICMR
• Developing dietary protocol pre-training to specialised medical conditions

Out – Patient Services
• Congenital Metabolic disorders
• Maternity nutritional diet
• Cardiac disorder
• Diabetes
• Renal diets
• Liver friendly diets
• Pregnancy and Gestational Diabetes Diets
• Paediatric diets


Bharath A Rathnam
B.Sc in Food science & Nutrition
M.Sc in Clinical nutrition & dietetics
Experience: 3.5 years

Department Timings: Mon to Sat, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
OPD Room no: 22
Contact No: 080 40128253/ 241